Shaka Decal

Our Shaka Decal will fit perfectly into your room, and the shaka sign will spread joy and love in your cozy nest!

Composed of a black shaka sign, surrounded by waves and surfboards, our Shaka Decal will give a real surfing touch to your room! The inscription "Life's a wave, catch it!" will help you to forget the problems and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Very present in the world of surfing, Shaka is the rallying sign for surfers from all over the world.

This hand sign, also known as Hang-loose, is used everywhere in Polynesia, and more particularly in Hawaii, by everyone, in everyday life. It can mean "Thank you", "It's going well", "You're welcome" and many other things...

Originally, this meant "relaxing". If someone has done something good, cool or right, you can give them a Shaka as a sign of approval. It can also be used as a welcome, "goodbye" or "thank you" sign.

Material: Vinyl