Seascape Canvas

Our Seascape Canvas fits perfectly into your home, reminiscent of the beautiful seascapes you discover while surfing.

We offer four different seascape paintings, which integrate the essential elements of surfing and living by the sea. Sun, fine sandy beaches, ocean, surf van, parasols or palm trees, your house will smell summer with our seascape canvas!

All this in the Aloha spirit, represented by the pineapple, in order to release positive vibes and make you feel very comfortable at home.

Get up, put on your bathing suit, go swimming, surfing, taking in the sea air. Landing in the sand. Listen to the sound of the waves. Enjoy unique sunsets and seascapes. Going home from work, taking a sea bath and having a picnic on the beach. It's nothing. It's simple. But it changes everything. This is life by the sea, little happiness every day.

  • Available in four variants
  • Frame not included