Sea Turtle Case

Our  Sea Turtle Case is perfect for Turtle Lovers who could spend hours watching these wonderful animals.

Available in 2 variants of wood, this superb  sea turtle case is decorated with a big sea turtle swimming.

The turtle has a shell that teaches us how to protect ourselves from the wounds, envy, jealousy and unconsciousness of others. It also highlights the dangers of overturning things, and teaches us to let our ideas mature before exposing them to the public.

In the indigenous imagination, the turtle is associated with the great myths of the creation of the world. Slow and persistent, this animal symbolizes wisdom and perseverance. Noble qualities that have enabled indigenous nations to survive in the Americas for thousands of years. It is also the symbol of health.

This case combines natural wood and TPU Bumper to effectively protect your phone. In addition, its flexibility and non-slip texture make it easy and pleasant to handle.

  • Available in 2 variants: Cherry Wood and Rose Wood
  • Material: Nature Wood + Soft TPU Bumper
  • Dual-Layered Flexibility
  • Anti Slip Texture for both inner wrap and hands grip
  • Rugged Armor made of impact-reduced Rubber Bumper
  • Free Shipping Worldwide