Dolphin Lover Necklace

Our Dolphin Lover Necklace is adorned with a charm representing a dolphin inside a heart, all inlaid with blue opal to remind the ocean.

As a surfer, you know that surf sessions can sometimes reserve us surprise encounters. Sharing a wave with locals is always something special, and this necklace was made to remind these unique moments!

Dolphins conquered the seas and oceans before becoming the faithful companions of sailors. Beloved by all, they are now part of the familiar universe of man who knows they can perform unusual feats. Now they must be seriously protected against predators of all kinds - first and foremost man!

PURE .925 STERLING SILVER - Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver that is mixed with small amouts of choice alloys to ensure the jewelry is long lasting and strong. We only use .925 Sterling Silver so our jewelry is made to exacting standards, and manufactured to last.

Chain size: 40 cm